How to Select and Use External Headphone for Android

External Headphone for Android

I believe you will agree with me that it’s an era of technology. Today most of the people dislike watching a movie sitting in front of a TV set. You hardly find anyone who uses a significant Walkman set to listening to music. Because they have a device which can fulfill all of those needs, yes you guess it right…!! We are talking about the Smartphone. Today it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone. The mobile operating system name is none other than an Android operating system that has the main contribution to make this smartphone famous all over the world. Due to this Android smartphone technology, we can watch a movie, able to listen to music, and also can browse the internet using a smartphone.

External microphone for android video

Using a smartphone, we can capture high-resolution picture and also can record video as well. There are a lot of gadgets that are available on the market that helps us to take a high-resolution image and help us to capture high-quality video. Not only that there are also different gadgets available in the market that provides us top quality sound for our video. One of those kinds of the device is an external microphone for our android video.

What is an External microphone for an android device?

Well, you may be surprised to hear the name “external microphone for android device” and want to know that’s its use. So, let us explain. These devices you can adjust with your smartphone, when you want to record your sound or when you want to record your video with some top-quality sound.

Who should use this device?

If you are a YouTube marketer, you already know the usefulness of top quality video and sound on a YouTube video. A high-quality audio and video dramatically increase your video view and subscriber. You can easily find your perfect YouTube microphone here. This external microphone is a convenient device you YouTube marketer who use their smart android phone to record video.  When a person uses this method, he gets a crystal-clear sound that can easily convert a lot of traffic. If you are a singer and love to record your voice, song or music this microphone could be an idle choice for you.

Thinks you must have with you when adjusting an external microphone for your android device

A three-ring jack

Well, you may be the wonder to know that it’s no matter how top quality your external microphone is, if it doesn’t have any three-ring jack then you will not get the sound tone that you are looking for. If you already have a three-ring jack that you are trying to use with your external microphone then great…go for it. But if you see the jack you are going to use a two-ring jack then you should stop. And manage an adopter that has a three-ring jack. That will improve your sound quality a lot. If you are still not clear just see the bellow image and you will get the difference between a two ring and three-ring jacks

An external software to support your microphone

Yes, you read it right, you need an android software also to get the top-quality sound for your external android headphone. There is a lot of software available in Google play store, but we prefer “Open Camera” for this purpose. iPhone user does not install that extra app because iPhone has its built-in software in most of the case for an external microphone.

Today there is a lot of smartphone in the market which provides you the HD quality video but to support those videos you also need a quality sound. That’s, why we think using an external microphone, should be an ideal choice in that case. So, if you are looking for an external microphone for your android device hope our article will help you to get a perfect guideline.

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