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Samsung : Tizen 3.0 & 64-Bit Processors for 2014 flagships

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung’s Tizen 3.0

Samsung’s Tizen OS has been in news for many reasons but one, its release and features. While the enigma continues we may still have some glimpses of the Tizen Os in our hands. Today there was a leaked documentation that provided us with the screen size of the Smartphone Z9005 which is associated to be the first Tizen phone from Samsung. Well this comes as no surprise we know that the first Tizen Device will be featuring a 720p HD display and Snapdragon Processor. We also recently saw the developer version of galaxy S3 running the Tizen Os and Also a Galaxy S4 again powered by the Tizen OS. Also it has been known as a fact that Tizen 3.0 might also bring the launch of Samsung’s S-Cloud Service. Well look at the images below for a glimpse of the UI of Tizen 3.0

Samsung’s Announcement for 64-Bit Processors for 2014 Flagships.

With the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5S the smartphone trends grown all of a sudden as the iPhone 5s is the first smartphone to operate on 64 Bit Environment. The newly launched A7 chip used in the iPhone 5S is a 64-Bit processor and also the ioS 7 is a 64 Bit Operating system. Shortly after this there was an uneasiness among the smartphone manufacturers but Samsung came out of the crown and Samsung’s mobile business chief Shin Jong-kyun told The Korea Times: “Not in the shortest time. But yes, our next smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality” well this comes as a good news as a 64 Bit processor will enhance the RAM amounts to greater than 4GB also. Samsung has been consistent in its innovation and after the promising Ture-Octa Cores the 64-Bit comes as a cherry on the cake.

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