Android 6 Marshmallow Brands OS Samsung Updates

Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4, Alpha & A8 to get Marshmallow in April


If you own a Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4, Alpha or the Galaxy A8 its time to be happy. It has been revealed that Samsung is finally ready to deliver the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update to the above mentioned devices in the coming month itself. We have seen the Korean Electronic Giant delay it’s plan to deliver this update quite a few times now, it turns out they aren’t taking any chances with the update as this might be the end of road for these devices. The Galaxy S5, Alpha and Note 4 are now confirmed to end their update cycle with Android 6.0, while the galaxy A8 are still under consideration for future releases.

 The information comes directly from Samsung insider we have been contacting for the past few week to shed some light on the long overdue android marshmallow update, and we finally have answers. The document attached above clearly illustrates Samsung’s game plan, turning to the strict “Within 18 months” policy that they until now, didn’t always enforce. However there is a longer support for security patches, which is actually a good thing. The devices might not see any more major versions of android, but will continue to work with stable software. With Android Lollipop, things did take a U-Turn for android, but since then it has been about making the OS stable and optimized, so you won’t loose a lot in terms of design. Stay tune for more updates on this topic as things develop and feel free to drop your views in the comments section below.
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