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How to Ring, Lock, Erase & Locate your Android device via Play Store

Locate your Android device

Loosing your Phone is a very common and unpleasant situation, not only because it costed you some hard earned cash but also because all your personal Data like your Images, Videos, Documents, Emails and even Social accounts like Facebook and Twitter are on it, and they may go into the wrong hands. There are a lot of applications in the Google Play Store that allow you to locate/erase your Android phones but going for the Free + Google way seems more comfortable to most people.


  • Access a Computer/Laptop (Windows/Mac)
  • Open the Web Browser (Chrome would be best)
  • Now Open Google Play Store (
  • Sign in Using the GMail Account that you use in your Lost Android Device
  • Access Android Device Manager (

Once you are in the Android Device Manager you will be able to see all your Android Devices linked to that Account. From Here you can use any of the Following Options.

  • Ring (Will Ring on Silent Mode Also)
  • Lock & Erase (Internal Storage)
  • Locate (GPS)

* Tip : While these steps are helpful, you must report your Lost / Stolen Devices to the Authorities at once to avoid any Future Issues due to Illegal Activities from your Device. Also remember that this the official method made by Google themselves, there are many 3rd Party Applications on the Play Store that Provide Advanced Operations if you had them Setup on your device prior to loosing it.

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