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A New look for your Android Phone without Rooting or a Custom ROM


Android has gained a huge lead among the smartphone platforms and one of the most important reason for this is “the open nature it has”. Android launchers are widely know and used by many customers who either don’t like the default UI from the manufacturers (Eg. Touchwiz or Sense) or are looking to personalize their phone to a whole new level, there was even a recent report that suggested that android launchers have gained huge popularity in the progressing years. All in all what I wan’t to say is that if you are looking to give your phone a whole new look and don’t know or want to use a custom ROM then an Android Launcher is your best move. Have a look at the screenshots below and follow the post if you wish to get this look on your android smartphone, here I will tell you all the applications I have used in order to achieve this customization. Also there isn’t any lag or stutter noticed by me till date (It has been more than 2 weeks) using this combination.

Screenshots ( On a Samsung Galaxy S III)



  1. Install Nova Launcher Prime/Free
  2. Set it as the Default Launcher
  3. Install Naxos Round Flat Icon Pack
  4. Go to Nova Setting > Look & Feel > Icon Themes > Select Naxos Flat Round
  5. Install clock JB+ and from the widgets section place it on the Home Screen

*Tip : You can also use custom icons instead of the default ones to create your own look.

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