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New iOS 11.2 Update For iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch Brings New Feature, Here’s The Details

The iOS 11.2 update is the seventh update that is now being rolled out to all the iOS 11 compatible iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices. The iOS 11 global rollout began a few months ago. The new iOS 11.2 brings about new features like Apple Pay Cash and faster wireless charging support. The new update also fixes a date crashing issue that occurred in the last week in many of the iOS devices.

Although the iOS 11.2 update was scheduled to be released in the third week of December, the company advanced the release date in order to fix the bug that caused many of the iPhones and iPads to crash and reboot consistently after 12:15am on December 2. The issue, which was reported on Reddit and Twitter, caused repeated crashes in the devices, especially when the user used an app accessing local notifications.

To resolve the issue temporarily, the device users were advised to change the date in the device back to December 1. Also, the users could disable the notifications for apps affected by the bug to use the device smoothly without crashes.

The major highlight of the new iOS 11.2 update is the Apple Pay Cash feature which will now allow the users to send/receive money using Apple Pay in iMessage. This feature is for now available for only the US users. Besides this, the update also brings in 7.5W faster wireless charging support for the Apple devices- iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

The new update also includes new live wallpapers and pop-ups that can explain the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons in the new Control Center. The update also brings in many bug fixes and improvements. In order to download the iOS 11.2 update in the compatible devices, you need to go onto Settings> General> Software Update option and then follow the instructions on the screen. It is advisable to use Wi-Fi connection to download the update over the air. Keep your data backed up and ensure that you have more than 50 per cent battery life left before you start the update process.


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