Headphones or Earphones – Which One You Should Have

Headphones or Earphones - Which One You Should Have

We all have fallen prey to the dilemma of buying either a headphone or an earphone.

Choosing between these two is something really difficult, especially when you have no time to think about it.

While shopping in a mall, you have to put your finger on either of one within the short time duration. Maybe you do not have enough patience to review each of them to make a good decision.

So here is the guide which will help you to select where you should have Headphones or Earphones.

What is the actual difference between a headphone and an earpiece?

Well, both of them can play music and come embedded with a mic so that you can talk through them.

Also, they have to be inserted in laptop and smartphone jacks so that sound can reach your ear Canal.

But what makes the actual difference between the two?

Well talking about the earphone, it is a typical earbud styled accessory that usually comes along with the handset. Moreover, it is tiny in size and can be carried right away in your pocket in a hassle-free way.

Now describing the headphone, it comprises of two big size music speakers attached with a plastic that has to be put on your head for the speakers to reach the ears. Headphones are bigger in size and cannot be carried in a pocket.

Which one is better?

Now the main question is that whether earphones are better or headphones.  The professional guys spend a lot of time in analyzing the effect of sound accessories on ears. They have all the power to evaluate which device is working better has better frequency, noise cancellation feature and more comfort. So here is the report-

  • Frequency response: It refers to the overall distortion introduced by the sound device. In general, earphone does not have the appreciable frequency response as they are unable to respond equally. Coming to the headphones, they are probably much better because you don’t have to pay any attention to distortion as they are quite versatile in that case.
  • Noise isolation: Headphones have better noise isolation, but earphones have the best noise isolation. Yes, earphone wins this time! You won’t be able to encounter any environmentally sound while earphones have been plugged in. However, you need to wear them properly and seal the entire ear Canal for that. Headphones also seal your ears, but there is a chance of noise leakage. So in this case, earphone wins the favour.
  • Comfort: Now, earphones can never be comfortable as they have to adjust within your ears which can be quite painful sometimes. When they are nested for quite a long time, they end up hurting the inside area of a human ear. However, headphones are properly fitted externally. They keep your ears absolutely warm during winters and look nice with a pair of Denim.
  • Ear bacteria: Do you know Earphones induce deafness? This doesn’t mean that you can use your headphones all day long. But the frequency of deafness is more in case of using the earphones. The ear bacteria multiplication is quick when the earbud is inserted within. There are high chances of ear infections and ear diseases in case of earphones. Stay safe, use headphones.

So what should be the final choice?

Ok so for me, headphones deserve a green flag as they sound much better than the earphones and also have lot more features. There are also have few advantages of using a headset or headphones. As I said I always prefer headset or headphones, recently I bought HyperX Cloud headset. This is a best budget gaming headset. You can read gaming headset buying guide here. In case you pay attention to their specifications, you will be able to get it all in few bucks. No matter whether you are simply working on a desk or wish to enjoy any digital game, without headphones you cannot do anything productive.


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