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Hangouts App updated for Android.

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Google has been doing a lot of work lately in revamping its android user interface, today its messenger Hangouts has been updated to make harmony with the latest Android 4.4 KitKat. The update adds some new features out of which the ability to send SMS/MMS from within the Hangouts App is the most appreciated (Don’t worry you can still use your default SMS/MMS app if you like). The SMS/MMS will appear alongside the Hangout chats and can be accessed directly within it.

 Other addition is the ability to set your mood (somewhat like Whatsapp status) You can now choose from one of the Hangouts emoji as your mood that gets displayed to anyone who messages you. You can also choose to show the device type you are messaging from (phone or Computer) or whether you’re in a call. Also you can now insert your location and animated .GIF images in your Hangouts chat.


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