Google Pixel 2 XL Charges at 10.5W, Even With Its 18W Charger: Report

Since some few days, the tech giant Google has been facing some serious problem when the users of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are started complaining about the devices. Even though Google claims that these two devices are best in their class, but the recent issues somehow affected its popularity. First, some users informed about its screen problem, after that some informed they are getting annoying hissing sounds during calls. The recently published article informed some users had received the Pixel 2 XL  without a proper OS. The issues are not ending here. Now, a new report shows that some user complaint about its charging speed.

As per the report, Google Pixel 2 XL comes with an 18 watt USB power Delivery 2.0 wall adapter, but it is not charging the device at that speed. During a test, it is marked that the charging speed is 10.5 watt. The test was conducted by Nathan K over on Google Plus, and that shows the device is charging slow. Before this, some users complain about this issues, and now that has proved right.

As per the Pixel 2 XL advertisement that is advertised on Google’s website, the wall adopter can give charging speed up to 18 Watt, and now this is not happening. Nathan also has given a graphical presentation of the chart which celery shows the wall adaptor charge speed.

As per the graphical image, in the beginning, it started with 15 watts, but after that, it started to going down and stopped at 10 Watt. For around 50 minutes it gave same charge speed and then gradually went down until the very end of the charging cycle.

However, it is said that this is happening because the company may want to make it more conservatively so that it can save the battery from degradation. Google has not given any official statement yet on this matter. So it is still unclear that it is an issue or not.



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