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Google Nexus X (Nexus 6) : Specifications Confirmed

Nexus 6

The Nexus X a.k.a Nexus 6 isn’t here just yet but does that mean we can’t have an early idea about the specifications it will come sporting ? Well that’s not the case, not anymore. As we all know there will be Android L on-board but what else ? This time around the Nexus X will be fully powered to match any other Droid out there, maybe in the camera department too.

Google Nexus X a.k.a Nexus 6 Specifications

This is not the first time we are seeing the mind blowing specs of the Nexus X, just about 10 days ago another leak via AnTuTu benchmark surfaced the web. As these snapshots are pretty easy to be faked there were doubts in the mind of Tech Enthusiasts specially due to the 1440P Screen Resolution of the Nexus X, but the new batch of images comes from TKTechnews and they have a good track record. The best part is that these new specs are perfectly in-line with the old ones and hence a Supercharged Nexus is just on the Horizon.

Nexus X

The Score 35,340 is undoubtedly far from impressive but keeping in mind the early test build nature of Android 5 (Android L) that shall be dealt with easily in the final units.

  • Display : 5.2 Inches Quad HD 1440P (1440X2560)
  • Processor : Quad-Core Snapdragon 805 (2.7GHz) by Qualcomm
  • Graphics : Adreno 420 GPU
  • Camera : 13 Megapixel Primary
  • Storage : 32 GB In-Built
  • Ram : 3 GB RAM
  • Software : Android 5.0 (Android L)

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