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Google Nexus 5 : The Biggest Defects

Google Nexus 5

The LG manufactured Google Nexus 5 has been with us for almost an year now but that hasn’t made it any less popular, the reason obviously lies behind the cheap prices for worthy specifications and the vanilla android experience. However it doesn’t come without defects and we mean actual manufacturing defects that has been plaguing the Nexus 5 since it’s launch back in 2013. There were several reports that suggested the early units to be the faulty ones but that isn’t the case actually, till date users are facing issues with the Nexus 5 that are ignored just for the sake of “I can live with it” but does that make it any better ? If  a phone or any device has a manufacturing defects, it should be sent for replacement as you payed “your buck” for it even if it wasn’t plenty.

Google Nexus 5 Defects (Survey)

In a recent survey including about a total of 100,000 Nexus 5 owners we have found several minor to major manufacturing defects in more than 27% of the Nexus 5. Each owner was asked to pick up one of the 5 most known defects in the Nexus 5 that they have, while some had more than one, about a one third seemed to have either one or the other.

The “Ratteling / Loose Buttons” count for a 55% of the the Total, while “Microphone Low Volume”seems to stand in Second place taking a 22% share. Others like “Yellowish Screen” takes 13% share while “Nexus Logo Fallout” and “Network / Wi-Fi issues” contribute a little of 5% each. This does make it a case for observation in our opinion and if you are one of the unlucky one then the best solution is to ask, rather demand  a Replacement. On the other hand if such issues don’t bother you and you feel that your Nexus 5 is still the most precious jewel of yours then it’s your choice as always.

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