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Google Nexus 5 : Red color already in production


Its not more than a week since the rumors about six new colors for the Google Nexus 5 emerged, but sadly the source of it was determined to be fake at the end. Today there is a new direction to the same concept but this time “its about the quality and not quantity” – what I mean is that there aren’t six new colors for the Nexus 5 to boast yet but consider a Red Variant confirmed. As you may know already a Red Nexus 5 appeared on the weekend and the source was based somewhere in Vietnam, there was also an additional rumor about a Yellow Variant, but today there are pictures of the Official Packaging that contains all the necessary labels and tags for us to confirm its not fake at all, you might have a look at the pictures below yourself.

There is no word of confirmation on any other colors (including Yellow) yet, but if Google and LG do decide to make it happen then its not going to be “a loss” anyhow. A wider color range will only attract more customers to the already well shaped Nexus 5 thus increasing the overall impression of the Nexus line. Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to drop your views in the comments section below.


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