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Google Nexus 5 : Out of stock within hours from launch in India, now being black marketed


The Google Nexus 5 (Made by LG) finally came to India via Google’s PlayStore for a Price tag of 28,999.00 INR for a 16GB storage unit. This wasn’t very less from the starting and now its already Out of Stock so black marketing has taken a new height here. The White version along with the 32GB Storage version of Black (Costs 32,999.00 INR) are still on stock but the most popular 16GB Black Nexus 5 has been “out of stock” for almost 3 days now. This is a really bad sign as Google brought the Nexus in India for the first time and couldn’t even keep up for a day with the customers. The demand is surely very high in India and Google should have thought of it.

Keeping this issue aside Google’s payment method for India is also not letting customers to get their hands on the Nexus 5 as Google wallet does not accept Debit Cards that are most used in India (Nationalized Banks such as PNB, Bank of Baroda and Even SBI) and the most prefered methods of payments COD (Cash on Delivery) is also missing. Now the other factor that caught my attention was that most of the “Biggest Online Sellers” in India are selling the Nexus 5 with a price generally 1000.00 INR above the PlayStore which is kind of a let down and the worst part is that even online sellers like Flipkart are out of Stock on the 16GB models. Have a look at it yourself.

Lets us know what do you think about all those factors that affect the sales and needs of Google’s products in India in the comments section below, also let us know your views on hiked price technique from sellers like Flipkart.

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