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Google Nexus 5 leaks on Google PlayStore $349 for 16GB Version.

Google Nexux 5

It has been a parade of leaks when it comes to Google’s next Nexus the Nexus 5, from one source to another the leaks have been gaining strength all around but what we witnessed today was a confirmation instead of a leak, call it a mistake by Google or their marketing moves all we care is we know what we wanted to and saw what we needed to about the Nexus 5. The Nexus 5 made an appearance at the Google PlayStore having a price tag of $350 for a 16GB version. This is same as the 16GB version of the Nexus 4 from last year which is great, this means we can get a new, more advanced Nexus device with a latest version of android and all this at last years price. Check out the image below that our folks at “The Verge” managed to pull off the PlayStore.

Nexus 5 also showed many of its UI changes that we knew about already, but as this is an image from the PlayStore itself you might trust what you see here so have a look and lets us know what do you think about it, also stay tuned for latest news on Google’s Nexus 5.

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