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Google Nexus 5 has already started to falling into pieces

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It seems like the Nexus devices being subsidized by Google isn’t the reason they are offered at such cheap prices for such powerful specs, but the superior low quality adopted by LG while making them is (No offense here but freedom of speech is our birth right). Today while surfing through the web I came up with a rather disturbing news about the Nexus 5. It seems like the Nexus 5 within a month from its launch has started falling into pieces, starting with its NEXUS logo on the back panel. Google flagship might be suffering from a manufacturing defect according to a recent thread over at /r/Android (Reddit) which has since then became a huge subject of discussion among numerous Nexus 5 owners. The original poster of the thread has shared a picture which he discovered on Twitter and  in this picture, the letter “E” from the Nexus 5′s back cover has fallen off.

Most Nexus 5 users that replied to the thread believe that the back-panel lettering “falling off” has something to do with the phone getting heated to the point where, the adhesive which binds the back-panel and the letters together weakens and thus results in the damage, as is evident from the pictures. While if that’s the case then LG has used a “GLUE” that’s way to cheap now some other (I guess Genius is the term I might use here) Nexus 5 owners seem to believe that the phone has been designed in such a way that in order to protect the internals of the device, most of the physical impact is absorbed by the back-panel letters, and hence the resultant damage.

This may be publicity stunt pulled at Reddit as we know how often that happens, but many users supporting the similar issue doesn’t leave me to believe it is the case here. So now lets see if this reaches LG or Google and they respond to it with some clarification that drifts us from believing that the Nexus 5 is build with extremely cheap materials and might not be worthy of all our Money.

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