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Google Nexus 5 early units have several Hardware Defects

Google Nexus 5

Well if you did manage to catch the news about the Nexus 5 manufacturing defects then it must not be the first time for you to hear this but if you didn’t then you might wanna have a look at it as that wasn’t just it. A news has spread again about the Nexus 5 manufacturing defects and this time it is from one of the XDA-Developers forums where a user has been provided with a different, upgraded version of the Nexus 5 after he returned a defective unit. The major concern is for the customers who already own a Nexus 5 as the number of issues that have been spotted in such a short time seems to be increasing day by day and neither Google nor LG have confirmed about any kind of replacement plan being put together for the customers stuck with the defective/early units.

A list of defects that have been already spotted in the Nexus 5

  • – Noisy buttons.
  • – SIM tray protruding.
  • – Cutting edge display frame.
  • – Falling alphabets from Nexus Logo at the Back panel.
  • – Microphone problems during recording.
  • – Backlight bleeding.

Changes in the New version of the Nexus 5

The new Nexus 5 has minor changes here and there but nothing out of the blue. The new Nexus 5 is equipped with a larger speaker and microphone holes to the bottom of the display, also included are new buttons which are more solid and firm. The user also commented on the display being yellowish and also with green pixels that are somewhat stuck.

Well this might not be the case with every Nexus 5 but that is for time and Google/LG to comment on not us. Stay tuned for more updates on this topic and feel free to express your views in the comments section below.


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