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Google Launches Files GO Beta Smart File Manager

After just a few days when the closed beta version of File Go leaked on the internet, the tech giant Google has finally launched Files GO public beta version, a smart storage manager from Google.  As per the information, the app is the part of Android Go environment, and from few months the company was working on it.

The report says, before launching this smart storage manager, the company accidentally posted this app for the users on the Google Play Store and the uses can download the app and then they can re-upload the app on any file sharing service platform. But after releasing the Beta version, Google converted he closed bet into public beta version so that the company can get the user’s feedback.

The file can be used for getting information like App cache and Junk media. It also gives information about downloaded files, large files, and duplicate files so that the user can manage those file using Files Go app.

The smart storage app comes with two option; the first one is Storage and the second one is Files. The users can find these two options inside the app. Using the first option the users can know about the device’s storage configuration like the capacity of the storage unit including both internal and external storage and the amount of free storage available. The app can categorize the apps after analyzing them so that it will be convenient for the users to find the app quickly.

The users can remove the unnecessary files with just one click. Under the files option, the users will get some different folders like downloads, received files, images, videos, audios, and documents. The files will be arranged automatically under the selected categories.

As per the information, one of the interesting thing about this app is, it uses both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to send and receive files giving more file transfer speed.



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