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Google & Apple protecting “Flappy Bird”

The very popular game named “Flappy bird” that was recently taken down by its developer as he could not handle the pressure of its success has been able to make it to the news yet again. Now both Google and Apple are protecting the “Flappy Bird fame” by rejecting applications that mimic it, history has taught us that every time a game/app goes too popular, people try to cash up in its shadow by creating replicas to it like “Temple Run & Temple Runner” or even developers take the exact design and name it something else like “WhatsApp & Telegram”. Till now both Google and Apple were not bothered by this but it seems that is about to change as, both iTunes Store and PlayStore are now rejecting applications mimicking the Flappy bird.


Many developers have recently claimed that their apps were rejected for ‘attempting to leverage a popular app’ and Apple has clearly stated the reason as “To prevent customers from downloading something they don’t want as a result of confusion” while Google stayed put and just rejected the apps. I am personally very happy from this move as there are many “non-talented developers” just looking to make quick money by flooding the App stores with junk, they haven’t earned it so they don’t deserve it, what do you think  ? Let us know in the comments section below.

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