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How to Fix “Firmware Not Supported” Issues With Samsung Kies

How to Fix “Firmware Not Supported” Issues With Samsung Kies

Several Samsung Galaxy smartphone users have experienced a very common error with Samsung Kies which doesn’t let them update their device to latest Android version, instead, there is a message displayed quoting as “Your device’s current firmware version is not supported to update firmware via Kies”. This error has nothing to do with the update being available in your location, the real reason that this occurs is that of the firmware tags named as PDA, CSC & PHONE. It may be because you are using a custom ROM, Rooted, You bought the Smartphone from a different country that you are presently in or even if you are using a firmware from a different country/leaked that you flashed via ODIN. In order to update your device via Samsung Kies, these must correspond to the ones meant for your location, carrier or country.

How to fix this issue with Samsung Kies

As I have already discussed the reason for this issue I am going to present you with a solution to get rid of this problem for now and the future. The process is listed in the steps below, if you wish to go by this method then be sure that you follow everything exactly or else you may end up damaging your device.

  • Step 1. Create a Backup of your Data using Kies or Any means you prefer.
  • Step 2. Download Latest firmware file for your device. Use This link to find it.
  • Step 3. Download Samsung USB driver & ODIN from this XDA Link.
  • Step 3. Use our Guide on Manual firmware update (same for all galaxy smartphones)
  • Step 5. Restore your back up! You are Good to go.

Tip: Samsung Kies will be able to update your device to the latest firmware available as of now, but after having learned the method here do you really want to use Samsung Kies? I don’t think so.


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