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Clove will start selling Moto X in United Kingdom on 30th Jan


Motorola has already officially announced that their flagship device the Moto X will go on sale in United Kingdom on 1st of February but if you really wish to get your hands on it then you might get it sooner. Clove, which is a popular mobile phone retailer in the UK  claims to get the 1st Stock on 30th January , so you can order one from them as soon as sales open. The Moto X isn’t a spec-sheet heavyweight by any means but it still manages to satisfy the needs of an moderate android smartphone user, the near stock experience along with a 720p display gives it an upper hand on snappy performance over the top-dogs like the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. The price from Clove is 330 GBP while once available mobile carriers may offer better deals with a contract.

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