Best Mechanical Keyboard 2018

Best Mechanical Keyboard 2018

If you ask us, the best mechanical keyboard 2018 would be the one with the most satisfying click sound to it. Throwing in a few features from here and there would be the cherry on top. Most of the mechanical keyboards don’t differ very much and at this point, the market has become very competitive. However, the few areas where they do differ from each other make them stand out. After much research and what not, we present to you our chosen mechanical keyboard that is the best in 2018.

If you are looking for the perfect and the best mechanical keyboard, Corsair K95 RGB Platinum should be the ultimate choice. There are little to no flaws in this keyboard- except that it is expensive.


There are so many things to like about this keyboard that you easily fall in love with it. From amazing keys to minute details put into each corner of the keyboard, you will find this keyboard worthy of your attention.


The build quality is amazing. You will notice it just by looking at it. It has the Supreme rapidfire cherry MX speed silver switches which means that you will be giving the first response in competitive gaming.


In addition to individually lit rgb keys, the Corsair software, infamous for its customization, will let you go through numerous ways to light up your keyboard. You can save upto three profiles that you can switch between. A minor detail we would like to mention: there is a strip at the top of the keyboard which gives it an even more aesthetic edge.


Macro keys got reduced from 12 to 6, but that’s going to disappoint only a few people. However, the spacebar is textured so that’s something to look forward to. The usual Corsair design includes the dedicated media keys, scroll wheel, and the amazingly textured wrist-rest. The finish is rubberized and there are magnets on either side so you can clip it in any way.


Although the things that we didn’t like are more towards the personal preference of the user; however, it is necessary to mention them. So, here are the few things that we didn’t like:


At the bottom is the cable management cross for headphones’ wire. If you’re not a fan of having the wire between your arms then we suggest you skip this. However, the implementation is not so smooth near the wrist-rest as there are no clip-ons for the wire to stay at a place. One major disappointment for such an amazing wrist-rest would be the plastic clips that would inevitably be broken in due time.


In conclusion, this is an outstanding keyboard for typists, gamers, and general users. It might as well be perfect if you overlook the minor detail mishaps; however, rest assured that you will be getting your money’s worth at the end of the day. Do you think this keyboard is worth over $150? You decide.

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