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Apple iOS 7.1 update to release next month

Apple iOS 7.1 update

The iOS 7 was a big step from Apple in terms of change, a new flatter UI, improved notification as well as the 64 Bit support for the capable processing chips were a few highlighted ones among numerous others. The iOS 7 update was released worldwide in September last year and now there are speculations indicating the release of iOS 7.1 next month, according to a reliable source from  Apple released the fifth beta to developers earlier this week, it improved performance compared to the current 7.0.4 which was the latest official release from Apple.


Features of the iOS 7.1 Update

  • A New Dialer
  • Redesigned Slide to Unlock UI
  • Redesigned Caps Lock
  • Backspace keys on keyboard
  • Ability to remove parallax effect on wallpaper without disabling all motion effects
  • Performance boost

There might be a few more small bug fixes accompanying the above ones, so iOS 7.1 isn’t just a small update after all. Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to make your opinion count in the comments section below.

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