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Apple iOS 7.1 update is now live for iPhones, iPads & iPod Touch


Apple has finally released the much awaited iOS 7.1 update and you can get it if you own a iPhone, iPad or even an iPod Touch. The update is now seeding worldwide but as you must know the timings will be region dependent, however considering Apple’s history of software updates it won’t take too long to achieve a worldwide release. The iOS 7.1 update will not make your Apple device “the next big thing” but it will definitely make it better in terms of performance and stability, additionally there are some enhancements on the User Interface too, have a look at the list below for all the changes and features the iOS 7.1 update brings.

Features of the iOS 7.1 Update

  • Tweaks to the phone dialer and the power off area (Rounded Icons)
  • Redesigned Slide to Unlock UI
  • Delete and Shift Keys more prominent on the Keyboard
  • Ability to remove parallax effect on wallpaper without disabling all motion effects
  • Random Reboot Bug fix
  • Car-play Feature
  • iTunes Radio is also updated in iOS 7.1
  • Performance Boost

The iOS 7.1 update may not bring any major changes but the fixes are very pleasing, specially the “Random Reboot Bug” fix that has been troubling quite a lot iPhone and iPad users out there. The update shall be soon available for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch so if you are eager to get it, then don’t hesitate in checking for it more than once.

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