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Apple App Store Flooded With iPhone X Apps Ahead of Launch

Since some few days, Apple App stores have been receiving a lot of iPhone X Apps. The report says, as the device will soon hit the market, various developers are now updating their apps that will be compatible with iPhone X’s new screen dimensions. The new report has given some information those updated apps for the new handset. Since Thursday, Apple App Store has received many important and popular apps updates like Halide, Deliveries, Fantastical, 1 Password and much more. Updates released by the developers of those Apps whenever a new Apple released its new device or when it releases important software updates.

As per the report, among the new Apps, many apps have improved their user interface that will easily fit the new iPhone X display size and the notch. On the other side, some app developers have introduced some new capabilities and features in their apps. The popular image editing apps from Apple App Store like Halide and Darkroom now will offer to capture, importing and exporting images in HEIFF which is the Apple’s latest image format that will save more storage space in iPhone X.

Along with these two apps, another app will now support HEIFF image format. The app name is ProCam 5. It will also come with the depth-shooting feature. With the newly updated app, ProCam 5 now can shoot Portrait mode images with iPhone X’s front camera.

The users of iPhone X now can play HEVC encoded videos (H.265) as the new App that is available in Apple App Store name Plex now come with HVEC video playback feature. Other new Apps like 1 Password, Day one, and Dashlane now will support Face ID recognition.

These are some popular Apps that the users can get from Apple App Store for their iPhone X device,

Shazam, Discord, Super Mario Run, Heads Up, Fandango, Tweetbot 4, Fantastical 2, Threes!, Plex, Alto’s Adventure, SpeedSmart, Mint, DataMan Next, SoundShare, GoodNotes 4, United Airlines, Nike+ Run Club, 1Password, Living Earth, SoundCloud, inflater, ProCam 5, Astro Mail, Calm, Google Photos, Halide, GroupMe, Buffer, Weather Atlas and many more Apps.


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