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10 Things about Android M on Google Nexus 5 you must know

Android Marshmallow on Google Nexus 5

Every Nexus user is blessed with fast Android updates, along  with it they have an option to try out developer previews too but it doesn’t mean it’s something you should do. As we all know, since the LG Nexus 4 came out, things have changed in the Nexus community and unlike before normal android users that have absolutely no interest in Rooting, Developing or Modifying their Nexus device have been increasing and hence it comes to the situation when you wanna try the Developer Previews just to get a taste of what’s Google cooking next.

10 Things about Android M on Google Nexus 5 you must know

We did what we do here, taking the risks and sweating it out so you don’t have to. After trying the latest Build of Android M Developer Preview on everyone’s favorite Nexus, the Nexus 5 we have found Ten things you must know before going for it, specially if you are willing to use it as a daily driver.

The Bad

  1. The Build is like all developer previews “Unstable”, not that it will break your device into half’s but it’s enough to make you angry several times a day.
  2. Application support is really poor, most apps won’t run and the ones which do are crashing from time to time.
  3. The Phone App Freezes, especially when a call is ended, so stay away if you wan’t a Phone, on your Phone (Pun intended).
  4. You can’t force close apps from the App’s menu or the Memory section, it just won’t work.
  5. The Hassle of manually updating to Android M and then going Back to Android 5.1.1 will leave you exhausted, so it might not be something you even wannna try.

The Good

  1. Animations and Smoothness is far superior than any version of Android Lollipop. Specially the App Opening Animation.
  2. You can Edit the Shortcuts in the Notification Panel. Yes Finally in the Stock Android Rom. You can also choose the icons you wan’t to display in the Taskbar manually.
  3. The Clock widget on the Lock Screen looks great with the Bold Font layout.
  4. The Storage & Memory options are now separated, it looks and works better.
  5. Google Now opens up faster, but you might miss the Lollipop Animation a bit.

As always there will be a hundred little things that we didn’t mention here, but the purpose of this article wasn’t to pull the hairs off the Android M skin. So what do you say, are you willing to try Android M Developer Preview yet or not ?

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